need to reset XML importer after import fail

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    I’ve been trying to import my old .ORG wordpress blog to my new one, the XML file is about 12 MB and the importer has been stuck on “Processing” for over a week. Anyone know how to manually reset the importer so I can try again?

    I’m going to break the XML file up into per-year pieces so the files are smaller fr my next try. Its frustrating to see many others have had this problem, but the only resolution so far has been for a Happiness Engineer to reset the importer for us. There must be a way to do this ourselves?


    I may just have to file a bug with WordPress Trac on this issue if there is no way to manually reset the thing. 12 MB is a pretty reasonable file size IMHO. I’m hoping some other users here have figured out some workaround.

    The blog I need help with is



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    It looks like your importer has already been reset.

    Please feel free to try again.

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