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Need to start over

  1. I am trying to move my blog here from Blogger. Unfortuantely, I signed up with my blog name instead of my username. Then I tried again- and wound up with the right blog name, but still with the blog name as a username.

    How do I simply cancel my account, get rid of my user name and the blogs involved, and start over from scratch?

  2. I'm not quite getting what you said there.

    Basically, the username you sign up with _is_ the url of your blog. But that doesn't necessarily have to be your blog name (ei. the title of your blog). You are asked what title you want on signup but you can always change that anytime from the dashboard.

    You can delete your current blogs from the dashboard but be warned that those subdomains will be lost. Lost forever. :O

  3. Ok. I'll try this again.

    I used what I wanted to the name of the blog as my username. It has in fact been the name of my blog at Blogspot these past two years. For the sake of example, my user name was "My Blog."

    When I realized that that would mean that my entries would be signed by my blog name-"My Blog-",I then changed the url to what I wanted to be my username- thinking that thereby I had changed my username. Wrong; I simply had two blogs under the username I didn't want. Username: My Blog.
    Blogs: My Blog, My Name

    With me so far?

    Ok. I deleted both of those blogs. I would like my username to be My Name, and my blog's name My Blog. Is the
    combination of username and blog name what you mean by a "subdomain?" I fear this will eliminate WordPress, since I really don't think after all this time I want to change the name of my blog.

    Hoping the answer is no!

    Now. I'm not sure what you mean by "subdomain." What I would like to do is simply to walk away from this username altogether and start over from scratch. When I try to use my blogname, I have thus far not been able to do so.
    I discovered

  4. What I meant by subdomain is the url of your blog, in your example,

    You had no need to delete at all. You could've simply changed your display name from the Users tab in your dashboard into "My Name", thus you have "" and have your entries posted by "My Name".

    Now here's your delemma: you deleted both "" and "". Those urls are now lost; you cannot register them back. You can still have a blog using "My Name" though, only you'd have "".

  5. That's what I was afraid of.

    Ok. How about using a different username- "myothername"- and the same blog name?

  6. Waters, you can do that.

    - Create your blog with the URL of what you want. URL will, of course be also the username.

    - Create a second blog with the URL of what you want as a username.

    - Go back to the first blog in question and add your username account as an Admin under Dashboard -> Users -> Author & Users.

    - Just ignore your second blog.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Sure does. Gotcha; thanks!

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