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need to talk to live person about privacy issues

  1. How does one get in contact with a live person?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Everyone who answers questions here is a live human being. There are no zombie Volunteers or Staff that I'm aware of. There is no phone support but I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. thistimethisspace

  4. I'm told that private registration of domain names does not completely block people from finding out the owners name and phone number and address, that this information is still registered and easily looked up. Is this true of your private registration service? Or is it ONLY that knows the owner's private info? Thanks.

  5. finding out the owners name and phone number and address ... is easily looked up.

    That's not true and I I tagged this thread for Staff response. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  6. Private registration elects a third-party to hold your domain, thus displaying their information instead of yours in a public records search. The only way to get contact information for the true registrant is to subpoena the private registration company.

  7. Hey macmanx... How does one get any help around here and why are all of my posts instantly closed by admin?

  8. If, however, the registration of the domain predates Private Registration, clearly that information is googleable.

  9. Thank you. That is very useful.

    One last concern: Is there any mean of preventing a trivial suit from
    obtaining that information. Does play advocate for the owner at least to prevent trivial claims? Or can the owner object or
    comply with such actions before personal data is released? Thanks again.

  10. I believe it take some sort of court order for WordPress.COM to give out any personal info - and all you need to give WordPress.COM is an email address and they also save the IP address from where the blog was created I think

  11. No, WordPress does not legally interecede on behalf of bloggers here. If they are presented with a valid court order, they will comply with it.

  12. It's difficult to believe I'm getting authoritative answers when anyone can reply to these forum questions. I need a way to be confident that I am talking to authorities concerning issues of privacy and features, and compensation disputes. I don't necessarily need a phone number or even an email address. Perhaps all I need is a submission page that only personnel can respond to. Does such page or email or phone number exist?

  13. Follow the links

    There are some additional links in the above you should follow for all the details - @RC & I did tell you the truth

  14. Dispute Resolution & Reporting- Our Response to Complaints
    If we receive a complaint and are not in a position to make a determination (for example whether something is defamatory or not), we defer to the judgment of a court. Please forward any legal process relating to a site hosted on to [email redacted].

  15. Very good.

    Thanks for the links. They increase confidence a lot. Is there a
    similar page or email for financial disputes, for example, if you want a refund or move the site to some other hosting service? Thanks.

  16. You can move to another host any time - here are the instructions - the folks over at WordPress.ORG even have a recommended hosts list

    Refunds - new custom Domain name registration 48 hours (internet rules I think - but standard everywhere)

    30 day refund on other things except for upgrade renewals

  17. If you don't want your questions (correctly and extensively) answered by volunteers, then you should arrange for paid support.

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