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    My blog has been redirected to my new self hosted blog and I would like to transfer all my wordpress followers and email subscribers over. I have installed JetPack Plugin and connected it to my old site but they haven’t transferred over.

    Please help! I’ve been trying to fix this for ages now!

    The blog I need help with is


    They don’t magically transfer but Staff can transfer your email subscribers for you. This thread is tagged for that to happen. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when it does.



    Thank you very much :)


    You’re welcome.



    Does it normally take this long to hear anything from WordPress support?



    There are millions of bloggers and many others seeking support posted long before you did. Please be patient.



    I will admit patience has never been my strong suit, but I will try my best :)


    I have the same issue. I submit a support ticket about a week ago, and tried to post a new forum thread but it won’t let me for some reason.

    My blog is

    I would appreciate being included in the list for a transfer. Is this possible? Jetpack is already installed and synced. Thanks.



    @xoxbekxox: I’ve migrated your email subscribers for you, as requested.



    @ofdustandkings: could you please post both the old and the new blog URLs? I’ll then transfer the email subscribers for you.


    Hi Jenia!

    For the record, you are officially my hero for the month of January. Wear the badge with pride.

    The URL was originally
    The self hosted blog is now

    I changed my DNS settings to point to the self hosted blog, and downgraded my wordpress blog to

    Does that give you what you need?

    Thank you, Hero Jenia.



    Jenia, did you get my previous response? It shows up in pink when I am logged in, and doesn’t seem to show up at all when I am not.

    In case you didn’t get it, the original url was

    The current url of the site is the same, I just moved to self hosting and redirected the DNS settings. The blog I then downgraded to

    Hope that helps!


    Ok, I’m going to try this once more, as none of my other posts seem to be coming through. If they all come through at once, I apologize. I am not trying to spam anyone.

    The old URL was

    The URL of the new location is still – I simply moved from to a self hosted wordpress, and changed the DNS servers to point to the new host.

    The URL was then deprecated to which is what it is now. I hope that helps.



    Thank you very much. Old blog is new blog is

    Any chance you could pretty please transfer my WordPress followers? I’ve installed jet pack. At the moment I’m posting from both blogs (exactly the same thing) so my followers get it. I have over 100 and I’d hate to loose them :(



    Any chance you could pretty please transfer my WordPress followers?

    Staff can transfer email subscribers only. followers using the Reader cannot be transferred. sites are stand alone islands. There is no community with shared features like the Reader, Topics pages, etc.



    Oh RATS! I didn’t realize I was repeating myself. Please forgive me. I tagged this thread for Staff. Sorry :(



    Hi Jenia!

    I tried to reply with my ofdustandkings account…repeatedly. It seems my posts are blocked somehow. I can see them when I am logged in, and they are pink. If I am not logged in, they don’t show up at all. It’s a bit frustrating, as I cannot create a new thread for support issues either. I’m not sure why.

    Having said that, let me give you the information you were asking for.

    My original URL was

    I maintained that URL and redirected the DNS servers to point to the self hosted blog. So the “new” URL is also

    I then downgraded my blog to

    So as it stands now, is the current location of the old blog, and is the current position of the new blog.

    I hope that helps!



    @ofdustandkings: I’ve migrated your email subscribers for you, as requested. It seems that some of your posts were caught by the forums spam filter, but they have now been unspammed and they are showing up correctly.



    @xoxbekxox: while there is no way currently to migrate your followers, I suggest you create a post asking them to resubscribe manually at the new address.

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