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Need to Upgrade

  1. is a wordpress with a domain name.
    I am trying to buy the "On Demand" theme and the Custom Design upgrade, but I do not see the Store or Premium theme options at all.
    Where would I go to buy them?

    When I initially tried to buy "On Demand" and put in startegic, it said it was already in use. Yes, of course it is, because it is the one I want to upgrade. How does that work?

    Also, on a side note, can Custom Design customize colors as well? I am aware it does CSS + fonts, but colors are of huge importance to me.


  2. I'm sorry but is not being hosted by and the theme can only be purchased by bloggers. . Your blog is a self-hosted WordPress blog being web hosted by bluehost. For support please visit For clarity read > vs. The Differences

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