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Need very fast WordPress performance

  1. As much as I love the features of WordPress, it seems that just about every site with a lot of content (say 1 year +) seems to have fairly poor page draw speed.

    Does anyone have examples of a WordPress site with 1 year+ of content that is fast (read: fast page draws)?

    And if you think webhosting is the culprit, I am not looking for the cheapest webhost; I am willing to pay more if it will help.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. you probably want to as in all blogs on are managed by

  3. sumocomputers, you can try out, just over a year old, and I think runs pretty well...

    is that the kind of speed you have in mind?

  4. @oclcyc
    There was an unfortunate comma at the end of the link above. I think you meant to post

  5. Opps, yes, TT, you're right...

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