Need WP support person to help me remove content from blog.

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    This is insane. I was told to contact support, so one of the “happiness engineers” can assist me in removing all content from my blog. However I’m directed here where I can ONLY talk to the community to get my question answered.

    So do any of you know how I can delete all the content in my blog? It’s already elsewhere as I moved it to a .org site. That would be great. Or how to get one of the WP people to assist. I’m certain I want that content deleted and a fresh start on this particular blog.

    The blog I need help with is


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    I’ve added a modlook tag so staff can assist you, but here is a thread (well, a post) about how to delete content yourself:



    I figured I could go through and delete everything by hand. So if I don’t hear back from the staff, I’ll start doing that.




    I haven’t heard back from the wp staff, so I’m going to do it myself and start up the new blog in it’s place. Thanks for the help.



    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delayed response – we get many request and there are only so many Happiness Engineers! Do you still need help with this? If there are any lingering things you need me to work on, I’d be glad to help.


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