Needing help with EVERYTHING

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    I need a help with a lot of things, so please be patient with me. I am new to all of this..

    I will ask question by question ;

    1. Do you need to change the template, to change some stuff on the site > e.g. Adding sponsors to the main page.


    We cannot edit our templates here at There are several templates to chose from. We also cannot have javascript codes. No ads either unless we can get into VIP Hosting.

    Here’s the FAQ to help you get started.



    You are not allowed to have paid sponsors or ads at


    Okay thankyou.

    So does everything need to be done IN the template such as side categories and things like that ?

    Or are there plug ins that you can easily insall into your website.



    You cannot use plug-ins here.



    How do I make a template and install it.. I am making one right now through photoshop, but I need to know how to move it from photoshop to my wordpress.


    Should I just place the .psd into my themes folder or what ?


    We cannot edit our templates here at There are several templates to chose from. We also don’t deal with .psd and theme folders. You might be thinking more on the lines of Blogger or Typepad. Unless you know how to host a blog yourself and then can do whatever you want.


    Is it possible to download a theme, and then tweak it to what I need it to be for my website ?



    No, it is not. You can do that with an independently-hosted WordPress blog, but you cannot do it with one hosted here at You have the themes that we have on our Design page and you can change the look of them IF you already have good CSS skills, but you cannot just take something from somewhere else and expect it to work here. It’s much more like translating a book than copying an outfit, if you want to think metaphorically.


    I got it..

    Everything wwas taken care of.. Now I need to know this :

    How to make my blog go to the next page after a certain amount of post’s… I want it to be 7 posts and then it carries to the next page.. I downloaded the WP-PageNavi and installed it.. it shows page 1, but I need to know what I need to know.



    Okay, you’re in totally the wrong forum and need to be over at We don’t have access to those files here at



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