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Needing to change all fonts to lowercase

  1. elektrahendrickson

    I am using the "Vigilance" theme and I upgraded to edit the CSS. All I really want to change is making all the text lowercase. I don't want to change anything else to the CSS.

    I haven't added anything to editor because I read "Use this as a reference and do not copy and paste all of it into the CSS Editor."

    My knowledge of creating my own CSS is bunk but I can edit it when I know what I'm looking for. Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Add this to your CSS edit window.

    body, h2.widgettitle, .post .date, .comments {
    text-transform: lowercase;
  3. elektrahendrickson

    YES! Thank you! Is there anything special I need to add if I'd like blog posts to be typed as usual? i.e. being able to use both upper and lowercase in a post and/or on a page.

    Thanks again!!!!!

  4. Add this as well then.

    .entry p {
    text-transform: none !important;
  5. @thesacredpath
    Good evening to you. :)

  6. G'evening to you TT.

  7. elektrahendrickson

    Very appreciated, thanks!

  8. You are welcome.

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