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    Hi, I have just returned to using my home pc after a while ..and despite my best efforts, my posts are not getting saved, as informed that it will happen automatically, nor are they being published. The box that pops up says, you will lose current information if you leave the page.. and soon all is lost.. both on saving and



    Have you tried completely clearing out your browser’s cache and forcing a reload of the page?

    The “You will lose your” popup is an issue with IE that we’ve discussed before here in teh forums. Just ignore it.



    I have had this behaviour on OSX using Safari and Comino browsers but Firefox works. I can only assume it relates to the browser so you may want to experiment with others.



    I found a workaround that works in IE; haven’t tried it in anything else.

    Go to the posting box after you’ve written,but not published your post. Hit Control A to select all, then Control C to copy it (this is probably optional, but why take the chance) then, without hitting any other key, click Publish. Do this WHILE EVERYTHING IS HIGHLIGHTED. f

    For whatever reason, the stupid little popup box doesn’t pop up and everything posts just fine. No idea why this works, but it works.



    Sorry about the “floating F” in the above response. The damn Reply box goes beyond the right-hand side of my screen, for whatever reason. When I complain, all I get is “Switch to Firefox.”

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