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  1. Has anyone managed to get this on a wordpress blog. It says it should work but wordpress strips out the code when I put it in a text sidebar widget.
    Any help very welcome

  2. Hasn´t Neo javascript in their code? It wont work At, it´s different if you use WP in your own hosted place. Then it´s

  3. Please note the counters that can be used on wordpress are limited to those that will not compromise security

  4. Just for reference when someone says WordPress, they usually mean the WordPress found over at is usually noted specifically since it is different software than the standard WordPress software.

  5. The blogger has this url

  6. I realize that. The poster says "It says it should work" meaning that they read "It works on wordpress"

  7. Neocounter says it can be used on sites or blogs that DO NOT use java script also ones that do use javascript.

    But which widget would you try to put it in to get it into the sidebar? It has two different codes, one for javascript and one if you can't use javascript. But they don't tell you what sort of widget to put it in.

    It is very cool b/c it shows all the countries from which you have had visitors and how many visitors. You can see it here....

  8. Put it in a text widget; they're blank, so you can put anything in it.

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