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Neophyte blogger

  1. I would love to write and/or blog about Christianity, faith, religion, etc... is the topic too controversial to blog?

  2. Not at all. I know of a couple on here such as and and I blog about it sometimes at my own blog.

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    I have a christian blog as well you can find a few good christian blogs here → for examples of the types of christian blogs here at you can also find more Christian blog material by searching the Global tags →

  4. There is nothing too controversial to blog about.

  5. I don't think it is too controversial :)

    There are controversial and non-controversial approaches to the topic, as well. If you are looking for arguments, they'll find you. If not, those who disagree will mostly just move on and leave you alone. I get very few comments with strong disagreements, while some Christian blogs get a lot of them. Depends on what you do.

  6. invisiblemikey

    jongleason said it perfectly.

    As far as controversy goes, religious and political blogs are exactly where I go to keep my intellectual and argument skills sharp, because there's an awful lot of mushy thinking available to box with in them. However, I'm a gentleman if I read a message that indicates the writer knows what they are talking about.

  7. Never too controversial. My blog is pretty much everything, including christian.

    If you're passionate about it, blog about it.

  8. Nope! I know many Christian bloggers who are very passionate about their writings.

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