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Neophyte blogger needs help

  1. Hi, I wish to use my blog to talk about things related to my career, (36 years ), and feature a cyclopedic listing of links with subcatagories pertaining to a wide area of interest in my field. I need help deciding which format,template, etc. to use in that pursuit.

    We were still using sliderules when I was in high school and this technology is new to me, though I'm learning more daily. Suggestions/thoughts/ideas are welcome and will be treated with respect and gratefulness.

    Thanks, Paul

  2. Try doing a forum search for "Beginner Resources." There are several very helpful threads already on the topic.

  3. Thank You - Will do

  4. Let me elaborate - while I plan on doing a fair amount of writing on my blog, probably 2/3 of the space will be used for link categories and sub-categories. I don't see a template that lends itself to that type of construction. I've tried with the one I have now and though it may be my ignorance it doesn't appear to be the right set-up.

  5. I'm not sure I understand you. Do you mean you only want to use the blog to store links? You cannot categorize links, only posts. You can categorize posts in which you make links, though.

  6. Look at this post of mine, for example:
    That is a blog post, which contains links. It has many categories on it, and those are clickable and will bring up all posts that have been categorized that way.

    Do you want something other than this kind of setup? Because I'm not sure will have what you're looking for; you may need to go to independent WP and do some custom design.

    Can you show me an example of a website that does exactly what you're hoping to do here?

  7. My intention is to write about a broad range of topics related to my area of expertise via 36 years of practice in my field. I also wish to offer links to blog sites as well as topic specific sites covering many areas of interest related to my field. I mean for the links to be an alternative to searching and having to sort through search results to find sites offering information germane to those topics.

    Thanks - raincoaster - Paul

    P.S. I apologize if I'm not being clear

  8. This is something like what i have in mind. It will be more deeply categorized and have blogging entries as well.

    Instead of an alphabet list on top the links to other sites will be divided onto categories throughout the page and the blog will be commentary on current topics of interest.

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