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nerd association game

  1. I dunno... I just want to start a thread of idiocy. There's plenty of it about, isn't there. What idiotic thing have you done or thought today?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. OK, I'll play.

    Today I wanted to buy a bottle of water. I couldn't get the refrigerator case open because I was trying to slide it open instead of pulling it open. Then, when I bought the water, I couldn't figure out how to open it. It took me almost 2 minutes to figure out the spout. The best part? I bought SMART water.

  3. I stayed up reading a really, really good book. But I got the scare of my life when my mother woke up to go to work at 5:30am. I had to quickly turn off my light before she saw it and asked me what the [expletive] I was doing awake at that hour.

  4. invisiblemikey

    I had a third glass of wine, fell asleep in front of the TV while it was on a home & garden channel, and dreamed that the "Property Brothers" had arrived to remodel my brain at a lower cost! Woke up going "Nooo, I'm still using it!" (DOH!)

  5. Two blasts if idiocy from me today (it is still today, isn't it?) I managed (like you carrie) not to go to bed last night, or rather I went to bed but my mind was too awake and I was remembering all sorts of stuff from my childhood garden - which was fun but as a result I had barely any sleep. Yawn. :(

    Oh and the other blast of idiocy? Will anyone else take part in this topic? I somehow doubt it.

  6. I downloaded yet ANOTHER app which I cannot figure out how to use. I wouldn't mind, but it's not a free app either. Will I ever learn?

  7. It took me TWO HOURS to write a book review because I kept getting distracted! First it was discussing ancient Roman cruelty vs. Soviet Union cruelty with my dad, then it was taking about Feed by Mira Grant with my mother, then it was finishing the puzzle I started two days ago. How pathetic is that?

  8. I got up earlier today (actually got to bed earlier last night, yay!) to get on with some stuff and have spent hours instead online.

  9. phoenixtearsheal

    Held a tiny strand of tinsel and thought it's nice they pop up throughout the year to remind me of Christmas lol no idea where they hide.

  10. 3.29am. That pretty much says it all. G'night.

  11. I just spent the day watching operas. Aida, Il Trovatore, la Triviata, Rigoletto, you name it! Can you tell I'm on an opera kick right now?

  12. Babysitting. Ate too much crap and threw up. Serves me right. :(

  13. Speaking of my opera kick, today I sang Nessun Dorma in the shower. Trust me, it sounds better when a tenor, not a soprano sings it. Nevermind that I can't carry a tune in a bucket to save my life.

  14. I went to eat dinner with a group of friends today. We got into a heated debate about how the media is shaping society and how the entertainment industry of today is partially causing our youth to forget the importance of critical thinking/how to think critically.

    Then we talked about the faults in our educational system and realized we hadn't paid our bill yet though we had finished eating a good half hour ago. We only remembered when one of us almost committed an unintentional dine and dash.

    It was fun.

  15. I took off work to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment, got lost, arrived 15 minutes after I thought I was supposed to be there, and was told her appointment is tomorrow and if I didn't make it, I'd have to wait until October. Then I had to make a very uncomfortable phone call to work, tell them how stupid I am and ask for another day off.

    I also forgot I told my daughter I would eat lunch with her at school today. She wasn't very understanding and I don't blame her one bit.

    It was a red letter day in the momfog household.

  16. went to bed really late watching scary shows, then couldn't go to
    sleep, then was awakened before 5am by a puppy that needed to go
    potty outside, so went outside in the cold rainy morning in
    barefeet with my groggy morning head and got so cold, my teeth
    chattered. Once awake, couldn't get back to sleep, drank my 2 cup
    of coffee and now i'm wired.

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