Nested Comments Issue in Albeo

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    I’ve enabled nested comments on my primary blog ( with nesting levels as 3 levels deep.

    The issue I’m facing is that if a comment is the 4th reply to a previous comment, it doesn’t get nested (which is correct) but the same 4th reply is always placed at the end of ALL comments, even after more recent ones. Theoretically it should be placed just after the 3rd reply but in this case, its always displayed at the bottom of the page.

    Detailed description with example:
    1. On my ‘Contact Page’ :
    2. Comments made on 5th March ( have 4 replies. 3 Replies are nested correctly.
    3. 4th Reply ( is placed at the bottom of the page!
    4. Comments made later than 5th march are placed ‘above’ the one on 5th March, misleading the readers.

    I hope I’m being clear on this issue. I’ll log a support request as soon as it opens but I’m posting it here in case someone else is also facing the same issue.


    The blog I need help with is


    Once comments reach the last level, they are treated as if they were NOT a reply to the comment, so they end up on level 1 as a regular (non-nested) comment which means the latest comments are at the bottom.


    @thesacredpath: I agree. But thats NOT how it is displaying on the comments page. Comment made on Mar 5th is treated as a regular non-nested level-1 comment but it is still displayed BELOW the ones on Mar 11th, 19th & 20th!

    Theoretically, the latest comment is the one on Mar 20th and that should be at the bottom. In this case, the older comment displays at the bottom.

    Also seen at:

    Comment on Mar 10th is showing ‘below’ the one made on 20th Mar


    Ah, OK I see what you are saying. This is something you will have to take up directly with staff. Include all the details as you have above, or reference this forum thread when you contact them.



    This is a bug and there is a bug ticket in core WordPress to get it fixed. Once it’s patched, the fix will be ported over to

    This can happen when you decrease the threading level and also when you use the Reply links in the admin to reply to a comment that is already at the deepest level.


    Thanks for the explanation and for letting us know a fix is in the works.


    @thesacredpath: Yeah. I contacted support and gave them all the details, including this thread’s link.

    @mtdewvirus: Thanks for the explanation. You’re right in that the problem manifests when one uses the ‘Reply’ from within the dashboard or the comments page.

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