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    Firstly, I couldn’t find this forum when I logged in…could only access it via a link in an email to a previous question here by me. Be good if you easily find this forum when logged in.


    Say I would like to post up movie reviews. Would it be possible to have nested folders which might look like this, say?

    Main folder:


    Sub folder:


    Sub sub folder:

    British movies

    Something like that. How many sub folders can you create under the main folder? I.e. how many ‘nests’?

    What about having one review, say, be reachable via different folders? E.g. say one movie review can be found via the folders above but you could also reach it via this route:

    Movies > C > (names of movies beginning with the letter “C”).

    Another question…are PDF formats supported here?

    The blog I need help with is



    You can nest Categories like you want – you set a Category as having a Parent – I just looked on a test site I did for proof of concept and I have them nested

    State >> City (several) >> Neighborhood in a city

    For 3 levels of nesting –

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