Nested pages are not showing up

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    I currently have 2 pages that are visible: “About” and “News Journal”. They each have a page nested under them. One is “Test 2: My Dog” and “Week 1: Entry 1”. These however are only visible via my dashboard and not via my blog.

    I realized these are supposed to be static content and that one should not nest too many pages, but I just want to do a couple.

    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    The header displays parent pages only. You need to go to Appearance>Widgets and activate the Pages widget.



    sorry to jump in on this, but i’m fighting the same battle, is there any way of getting the pages widget to only show up when you select a page?

    ie, i don’t want people to be able to navigate around the pages from the post page, only from inside each parent page? so i am looking for a way of having a link only inside the parent pages?

    many thanks



    On you cannot select which pages that will show which widgets. If you have a sidebar and you have widgets, these widgets will display site-wide. That said, some themes, e.g. Kubrick only show the sidebar on the front and page pages, not on the post pages. Maybe that is closer to what you are looking for?


    @baliliving: In that case you have to manually add links to the child pages in the parent pages themselves.

    Or you can switch to Fauna, MistyLook, Redoable Lite, or Regulus, in which such links show up automatically; in Fauna and Regulus they show up in a changing sidebar, which is close to what you’re looking for.



    excellent, thanks for the speedy replies. I’ll get on it :)

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