Nested Pages / Heirarchy ?

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    Okay, I’ve read support articles and questions until my eyes glazed over and still haven’t quite figured this out, so I’d appreciate some guidance from some more seasoned bloggers.

    I consider myself fairly computer literate, but this one has me temporarily stumped. I now have thirteen (yes, 13!) pages which appear both across the top of the page (main navigation) and down the right sidebar. I need to “nest” some pages within the main navigation, such as on the “Issues” or the “Op/Ed” page – where I can extrapolate and expand my thoughts on a given subject without losing the reader in a maze of confusing navigation. Currently, the pages are numbered 1-13 to position them in the main navigation, but I cannot keep adding pages forever….. I need a better hierarchy system.

    I have tried adding category titles that correspond with the page titles, and added the “category” widget to the sidebar, with the notion that newer posts assigned to a category would appear under their assigned category when authored, but my sidebar only showed about five or six categories – not all. I was further flummoxed when I realized that any new post I authored appeared on the home page instead of where I intended.

    Can anyone explain to me how to manipulate the appearance and page hierarchy to perform as I’ve described ? The answer is probably fairly simple, but it has – so far – escaped me. Thanks in advance !

    John Bates
    “The Citizen Patriot”

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you reviewed the differences between a post and a page? You would not have been flummoxed; your blog behaved the way it’s supposed to:


    See paragraph #3, above……Yes, I know the difference between a post and a page. still challenged.



    I can only say again — your blog behaved the way it’s supposed to. Published posts go only one place: to the blog itself, the dynamic home “page.”

    If you want “posts” on the true static pages, you’ll have to paste the text onto the pages.



    YOu’ve got your tabs set not to display static pages but local categories. That’s okay, but the problem is, your links on the posts themselves are malformed and go to 404s.

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