Nested pages not showng their content

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    I’m having trouble getting the blog pages I want to display correctly.

    Original plan: Have a ‘Photo’ page as the parent on the main bar. Beneath this I would have drop down child pages for each year 2007, 2008 etc..
    I finally gave up trying to figure out how to get drop downs from the main header bar (I think this is theme specific and they don’t all allow this?? i’m using Freshy)…and added the Pages Widget.

    So now my Child pages 2007 to 2010 all show up on the sidebar under their Photo parent. BUT.. they don’t show the content I’ve put in those Child pages (photos).. they just display the text i’ve put under the Photo parent page…

    Please Help – this is doing my head in .. Am I just going to have to change themes or can I stick with my current one and fix this?


    The blog I need help with is



    What you are trying to do is simply not possible. Firstly, the only theme with dropdown menus is INove. Secondly, the Pages widget only displays text and nothing else; that’s the way it works. If you want clickable pictures in your sidebar you need to create them yourself and insert them into a text widget using HTML code for display.


    @benmoulam: That’s because you have titled your child pages with a plain number, so their permalink is, for instance, . But a number like that plays a different role in permalinks. Go to the page editor for each page in turn, click the Edit tab you can see next to the permalink, change the editable part to anything except a plain number, click Save, click Update Page.



    THanks Gents,
    Husdal – thanks fr the INove tip, will check out the theme. I wasn’t trying for pics in the sidebar – just the pages my text linked to to display the photos i’d put on each of those pages..
    Panaghiotisadam – It works! My sanity is restored – THank you Very much!!

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