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    hy. I am just trying to make a portfolio blog, and all this is very strange to me. Ive tryed for some days now to figure out how to put my nested pages on my parent page, because they only appear in the menu, and when I select a page it is empty, without any subpage on it. Can you please give me an advice, or just tell me if I should try another blog site for this, because Ive waisted so much time with this, changing themes, because when I preview a theme is all nice and it has everything and then when I choose it I just can not have it like that.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, STOP CHANGING THEMES then. It generally takes newbies at least four hours to set up one of those themes the way they want. There is no point in us helping you if you’re just going to change again.

    First, review the difference between Posts and Pages.

    Then realize that Pages are not attractive to search engines and you’re much, much better off with Posts.

    Then, give us a link to some examples. Like, your parent page and then the links to all the sub-pages to that page. THEN we can help you.



    ok, so Ive read about the differences these days, and Ive tried several ways of solving the problem, now I am almost at the result that I want it, but is still no good.
    this is my blog and this is what I wanted to do and the methods I`ve tried and did not work
    1. first I tried using only pages as you can see in my video, recent, and printmaking subpages, and because my nested subpages didnt show in my parent pages Ive just transform the parents in links and deleted their url and when the cursor is on top of them they can not be clicked (it was the only decent visual solution that I can find)
    2. I wanted a theme that has a slider on the first page, Ive selected oxygen in the end, and tried transforming the subpages of my Intervention in the public space page in to posts and put them in the slider. But the problem now is that on the home page appear recent posts beside the slider. Then Ive tried going in to the settings-reading and made My art page the page of my posts but they still appear in my home page.
    3. Ive tried making categories instead of pages and putting them on the menu, but I couldnt make the text archive categories dissapear without the upgrade so I`ve return to the pages solution.
    What I want to know now is: can I make the posts dissapear from the home page and move them in My art page with another theme, and still have the slider? or I will just transform all of them in to pages as I did in the first place and delete the url. hope I made myself clear this time

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