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    I’m using Motion theme
    what i want to know is this: is there a way to nest the pages so that the child pages only show up when you’re in the parent page? it’s driving me mad. i want to add a short novel to my pages, with the parent page consisting of the title and synopsis, and a chapter list in that parent page, consisting of chapter headings that serve as links to the individual chapters themselves (child pages). i know this can be done, as I’ve seen other WP blogs where this *has* been done. but i can’t work it out!
    is it my theme, or am i just being thick?

    The blog I need help with is


    Only four or five themes display such links automatically. Your options in Motion are either dropdowns in the header menu or manually inserted links on the parent page.



    hey, thanks!
    well… dropdowns i don’t know about (total WP noob) – *does* it have them? but i can at least manage the manual linky-thing on the parent page…
    for future reference, you don’t happen to know what those other themes might be…?



    Links to child pages displayed on parent or as dropdowns >



    panaghiotisadam and timethief, thank you for your help. it was very much appreciated.

    in the end, i reluctantly (because i really liked Motion’s layout) went with changing the theme for one with dropdowns built in. only because i just *know* that if i start manually inserting links into pages, not only will i be at it for hours, i will also inevitably cock it up somehow. making dropdowns will save me from a whole world of frustration at my own incompetence! ;o)



    I’m glad to hear you resolved thai. I hope your new theme “grows on you”. :)



    “thai.” was meant to be “this” :(



    *smile* thanks. and i got it. ;o)


    In my original reply I mentioned dropdowns as an option in Motion. And my post (the one timethief linked to) expressly mentions that dropdowns are now possible in all themes with header tabs, and includes a link to the Support doc that shows you how to create them:
    So if you abandoned Motion because you wanted dropdowns, switch back to it!



    that’s true, you did. and i tried, i did, following these instructions. but i couldn’t make them work in motion. :o(


    Then let me give it a try:

    Appearance>Menus: enter a name for your menu, click Create Menu.
    Tick your pages* in the Pages module**, click Add to Menu.
    Drag the subpages below their parent, drag them to the right to make them indented.
    Click Save Menu.
    Select the menu from the pulldown in the Theme Locations module**, click Save.

    * If you aren’t seeing them all, click View All.
    ** If you aren’t seeing those modules, click Screen Options (top right) to activate them.



    thanks. :) will have to give it a try tomorrow, though – it’s kinda late here… -_- zzzzz….



    panaghiotisadam, aha! *that* was the other problem i had! it was the theme locations module. “your theme supports one menu” – i put it in, and “home” and “about” disappeared. :o(


    “Supports one menu” means one header menu. You can create as many menus as you like, and select which one will show up in the header. That’s what you do via the Theme Locations pulldown, and it’s not to blame for disappearing pages: a custom menu displays whatever you tell it to display, so if Home and About disappeared, then you simply hadn’t added them to the menu you created and selected.



    dammit!!!! itworked when i tested it in themes! and as soon as i applied the theme, it didn’t bloody well work!!! *headdesk* i must be doing something wrong, but i’m buggered if i can work out what it is! >_<



    HAH! made it work!!! just had to reapply the custom menu in the new theme. thank you so much for your help. and your patience with a noob!

    Cheers! :o)


    You’re welcome.

    By the way, when you create dropdowns via a custom menu, the pages don’t have to be child pages.

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