Nesting pages on esquire theme not working

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    Hi–I am trying to nest some pages on my site

    In the backend, the pages “India” “Indonesia” and Cambodia” are showing as nested under “Maps + Routes.” But on the actual home page, they aren’t showing up when I scroll over the “Maps + Routes heading. I tried “adding them to menu” under the menus column in appearances but that just made them show on the home page under the other page headings. What I want is for the headings of these nested pages to only show when you scroll over Maps + Routes. Is this possible? This was my understanding of the purpose of “nesting”–to not have them show unless you scroll onto the page heading they are nested under…?

    Many thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is



    The regular top menu in Esquire doesn’t display dropdowns or flyouts. You need to create and activate a custom menu, and you need to create the nesting as shown in this screenshot:

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