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    Member is currently experiencing some issues due to one of our data center providers having a network outage.
    We’re doing our best to get everything back in order.




    Good to know.

    Thanks :D



    Thanks! It seems that parts are running now but all the media are offline, no pictures etc. show up.



    Just an update on the situation:

    At this time everything should be back to normal, if you have any issues with your blog or images loading please contact support and we will be happy to help.

    Now a bit of information on what happened:

    There was about an hour or so of unavailability or slowness for all blogs hosted on The problem started at approximately 1:05AM EDT this morning when we were alerted to a network-wide outage affecting all of our servers (approximately 500) in a facility in Dallas, Texas. We immediately began troubleshooting the issue with our hosting partner in that facility. Unfortunately, it took them longer then expected and longer than we would have liked to resolve the issue and bring the network back online. The total length of the network outage was about 1 hour 45 min, but the fact that we host in multiple datacenters, allowed us to reroute traffic and minimize the downtime. Yes, we know an hour is a long time and too long for us, so we are working with our hosting partners to see what we can do to prevent this from happening in the future. We are also looking at ways to make our failover process quicker in the event this happens again. We rely on this Dallas facility for a lot of things and 500 servers is a lot of hardware to lose at once, but I am confident that we can improve here to reduce the impact in the future.

    Thanks for your understanding and I apologize for the downtime.




    Ohkk! It was a big problem for me! Glad it’s over!



    I can’t find a couple of paragraphs I wrote during the outage period. Apparently autosave was not working during that time. The last 5 revision show a time of about 3 hours after I did the work. Is there a place on my computer where the lost work could be found, like cache.I had activated “gears” a couple of days ago. Is that helpful in any way?


    I was going nuts last night. I couldn’t figure it out but you know what with as late as it was I should have been sleeping anyway. Glad all is working again.



    Dammit, I want my money back!

    Oh, wait a minute–




    Never mind. I rewrote the two paragraphs. They’re probably better, anyway. Like David, I should have been sleeping too!

    FNO, I’ll be hitting that Save Draft button more often, that’s for sure!



    TonyfromOz was trying to post at 2.15AM and was panicking because he thought he was having PC problems.

    “It’s 4.15PM Sunday here, which is 2.15AM Sunday where you are… I thought it might be my computer settings, so I tried everything there as well. Still nothing… Hope it’s a only minor thing, and they haven’t been hacked or the like.”

    It’d be great if you could post a short note here, or somewhere else easy to find, as soon as you are aware of problems even if it’s the wee hours of the morning.

    That would help people like Tony and even ‘night-owls’ here in the USA!

    Thanks for your consideration on this matter.
    Best Regards,



    @jmadlc55 — glad you got it sorted out.

    @papundits — we did post here as soon as possible once we were aware of the issues.

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