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    I don’t know if this would be possible to implement, and I already mentioned it briefly in another post, but the ability to network on would be awesome. By ‘network’ I mean the ability to visit like-minded bloggers through keywords that users would enter in their profiles under interests, favourite movies, books, hobbies. Also the ability to add other wp bloggers to a favourites account (perhaps that’s already possible and I overlooked it if so forget that point).

    But yeah, generally my idea is to create more opportunities for interaction.


    OK so I guess no one is really interested in networking. Perhaps most people don’t approach WP from that angle??
    I just thought it could be a nice added bonus to the whole thing.



    No I think it’s very interesting, you’ll like some features we’ll be introducing.



    Yes I’m interested. I was even thinking it’s kind of weird there’s no directory or listing of the blog’s here on That’s why I visit the forums and just randomly click some usernames to see if they got interesting blogs. That’s how I got at your site Andrew.

    Anyway, seems like the WordPress-team is working on it, that’s great and a big thanks for the whole site!



    These two links will give you lists of wordpress logs to check out:


    Thanks for the response folks. I’m glad to hear thigns are in the pipeline. I know is relatively young so there is time and room for change, I will be patient.

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