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    WHERE IS MY BLOG HISTORY???? I am going to be really really annoyed if my blog material isn’t transferred….I began writing on Windows Live Spaces in 2006!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    See the large sticky thread at the very top of the main forum page for instructions.


    @shepaintsred, if you did the migration but your posts didn’t show up, or if there was an error during the migration, contact staff directly and they can get it sorted out for you and get your posts over for you.




    Spaces appears to be down at the moment, so I can’t check a couple of things I need to, but please do contact us and we’ll be happy to look at it for you.

    If you experienced an error during the process, please let us know what that was so we can assist you most efficiently.



    ok, guys…the Happy Engineers were able to migrate my Windows Live Spaces…I’m a happy camper…the remaining problem is the fact that now the large font that I used there does not fit format-wise into the theme grooves…so I can’t read the content anyway. I don’t think I’m up for manually changing every single entry since 2006…I can’t find a font option anyway…so, I can’t change the size anyway. I feel as though I’m in a foreign land and I’ve been a faithful blogger for years. I’m taking a breather tonight…to much of a time drain. Thank you for trying to help me guys. Kath



    that would be….too….much of a time drain.



    There is no automatic font changing option here. You can either hand-code every paragraph in HTML or you can learn CSS, buy the CSS upgrade, and code the CSS font change yourself. It looks like you have several different fonts hand-coded in.

    Staff MIGHT be able to remove those code tags and restore your blog to the default fonts. Contact them via your dashboard.


    I copied some your posts out (view source) and tried to do a search and replace to get rid of the font tags, but it is problematic.

    There is one nuclear option if you wanted to try it. Open one of your posts in the editor, select everything in the post and then click the “remove formatting” button on the lower tool bar and see what happens. It will remove other formatting as well (such as ordered or unordered lists, bold or italic), but it would be better than trying to do it all by hand.

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