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    I’m not sure where to file this… I applied for a wordpress blog last week for the url . I never received a mail, and chalking it up to processing lag, I went about my business. Then a friend of mine registered his blog and got a mail right away. Suspicious, I created (with a different e-mail address), and received an activation mail right away. I’ve checked the spam filter of the account that I used to register infomofo, and there’s nothing there from wordpress; can someone from the administration side shed some light on what happened here?



    Oh also, if I go to and try to get it to send a new activation key, it tells me “Your blog is already activated! Visit it here:” This seems like a bug, no?



    I’m wondering if your first email provider may be just blocking all email sent by php scripts. (You don’t tell us you it is so I can’t answer your question in reguards to that.)

    I’d send a feedback from your second account describing your issue about your first account. I’d also talk to your first email provider about their blocking methods.


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