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    Under settings…I do not show permalinks!!! Never seen that before…what do I have to do to be able to change it? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    PLEASE HELP…thanks



    1) fix your stuck caps lock key

    No blogs at WordPress.COM have the ability to change the Permalinks – changing permalinks is permitted at WordPress.ORG installs

    For more on the difference:




    @auxclass is correct.

    If you’d like more information on how you can move your site from to, please let me know, and I’d be happy to oblige.



    Any valid reason why permalink settings changes are not available on .com hosted blogs? Is it going to be available in the future?
    If not, then how do we ensure our post links are not broken after a post is edited?
    We have a premium account, but this will push us to move.



    It’s not going to be available in the forseeable future.

    When you edit a post here, that does not change the permalink. Not even when you edit the title. Editing the permalink is a separate process.



    Thank for prompt reply.
    We had a case when editing a post did change it’s permalink. Would changing the “author” on the post have done it? What other cases would cause the link change, so we know what to avoid?

    Here is the post that was changed:




    Any valid reason why permalink settings changes are not available on .com hosted blogs?

    makes things simpler with less choice and options to worry about – yes the .ORG software has the option to change Permalinks – BUT the real reason is a technical one – the Permalink structure here is quick to index so your blog loads faster

    I would not think that changing the Author would change the Permalink – maybe when the staff check this thread they will have an idea what happened




    Can you clarify how your example post’s link changed?

    You can edit the trailing end of the link:

    Also, republishing your post will change the date in the link:

    Once you give me some additional clarification, I will be more than happy to continue resolving your issue.



    Unless the author’s name was in the title, and you changed both the title and the slug, it wouldn’t change. It USED to automatically change the URL when you changed the title but that changed some time ago.


    If an existing blog is imported, and the “from” site used the numeric form of permalinks, what happens to them when they are imported to a .com based site? Preservation of existing links to the site under their current name is important.



    When content is imported to the new blog it will take the permalink structure of its new blog. Having the old permalinks point to the new site would require a site redirect upgrade.


    That’s not quite what I am looking for. If the domain name moves, but any existing links (including internal ones) are in the format

    There would have to be some mapping from “10303” to the new title. A site redirect is intended for someone moving from to another location, not for someone coming into that environment.



    Hi there,
    There is no upgrade to achieve what you want to achieve. Are you clear on that?



    Ah, sorry, I misunderstood the situation you were posing. You are correct, maintaining those permalinks would not be possible. Once you import the content to the blog the permalinks will follow the structure outlined by the new blog.


    @timethief Yes I am clear on this issue.
    @alexjgustafson Thanks for the clarification. It looked like something that would not work, as confirmed here, but with WP having so many interesting features, it never hurts to ask.


    Just as a follow-up: I also assume that the content of the “page not found” text is fixed and cannot be altered by a user. This would be a place to put a link to a cross-reference page, were I to build one, between old and new article names.



    There are various plugins to route permalinks in numerical structure to the existing structure, but you’re probably better off changing the URLs on the existing site (which will yes break incoming links) and then importing the site. At least then once they are ON the site they can find your new one.

    And yes, 404 pages here are not editable. You could use a theme with prominent widget areas and put the info in a text widget.



    Moving to WordPress.COM with a structure like will have issues for a while, I had the permalink structure like yours before I moved. I changed the permalink structure on my WordPress.ORG install to match WordPress.COM before moving – but I did not change soon enough for search engines to have all their search results updated. I had a lot of broken links for a while. It is a weak point of moving here with a miss-match of permalinks – no way to do a redirect – the info I think for a redirect is in the export file I think, just not usable. It took a while for the 404 errors to go away.

    Yes I was a bit grumpy – however my site at the time was low traffic and as I added new content, visitors had a chance to visit older content without errors once they were on my site.

    So adding new content will help a bit with traffic



    Chiming in as I’m going through the same process just now (self hosted .org site to .com via export/import).

    You can’t change the Permalink settings on as others have mentioned already, however, if you have a permalink structure that looks a bit like:

    or similar, WordPress ‘ignores’ the structure to match the relevant post, even if it is formatted differently. So, if you move from the above structure to the structure of:

    All your old URLs will still resolve properly. It’s pretty smart.

    The exception to this is the p=313 structure, as this goes by post IDs (sorry stevemunrotoronto), which will not remain constant in a transfer to allow for the redirection as above.

    Hope this helps clear things up!

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