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    I’m trying to add a new link to the sidebar on my Home Page but I’m not getting the same menu options as the FAQs are noting. How do I add a new link to “Kim’s Links” please? Thank you for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    Are referring to creating a blogroll of Links in your Dashboard and displaying them in a Links widget?

    Or did you create a list of links manually and display them in a text widget?



    I think I want the Link in a Blogroll on the right side of my webpage…I followed the tutorial but the Link I entered did not save to my page. I did not create my page but I believe I have administrative rights to it. Would that be the issue? Thank you for your help.



    I watched a different tutorial and am not getting “Appearance” in the menu after “Comments” in the Dashboard menu…I didn’t create my page but have admin rights to add a page and blog…do I need all rights for adding a widget? Thank you for your help.



    I know what I posted above is correct for WordPress.COM blogs.
    The ONLY relevant support docs for WordPress.COM blogs are here
    The ONLY tutorial that is relevant for WordPress.COM blogs is here I think you are watching tutorials for WordPress>ORG.

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