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New and existing anchor points keep disappearing

  1. I believe there is a new bug with page jumps. Every anchor point I add disappears once I switch back to the Visual Editor or save a draft.
    All of my previously created anchor points are also gone.

    By comparing Post Revision I traced the page anchor deletion to between October 5 and October 11.
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  2. I think I've found the solution. The "name" attribute is not supported in HTML 5. Instead of "name" use the "id" attributes. It's a pity that WordPress HTML validation code just removed "name" instead of replacing it with "id".
    Use <a id="jumphere">Here</a> instead of <a name="jumphere">Here</a>

  3. Here (on WP support page: they advise the name and not id:
    And it had worked for some month until now! I think it is a bug or they has changed the algorithm without any message to users.

  4. Hm, "code" tag doesn't work also? I try with the backtick:
    <a name="top"></a>
    If it will be wrong, I give up.

  5. Dear timethief, that page says also the name tag but not id. I can say again: there is a WP bug or sudden and secret change here about :-)

  6. evitae: name worked until a few days ago. Now, only the id attribute works.
    I think that WordPress changed their HTML validation algorithm to comply with HTML 5, broke a bunch of pages in the process without informing the user and forgot (or didn't get around) to update the online documentation (last modified in August 2, 2012).

  7. nleviatan, thanx! If you knew that how much work was in some of my recent pages to insert anchors and jumps...! To replace all the nameswith idswould be also a pretty much work. And joyful. I kiss the WP! Thanx to god that I has tried and applied the page anchors and jumps not long ago.

  8. So do I have to reinsert hundreds of anchors? The pages still jump even though the code disappeared. I just write it differently from now on? I find it disconcerting that the code is just gone, even if it does still work.

  9. hebrews110: In existing posts the name attribute disappeared (and page jumps stopped working) only after updating a post. As long as you don't edit existing posts everything should be fine.

  10. I edit those pages weekly. So I have to redo a thousand anchors--literally. This isn't going to be fixed any other way?

  11. I need more help with this. My "name" anchors didn't have the words I was jumping to within the tag. I just pasted them above the place it was to jump to. What is the code so I can do that with the id tag? It would be way too much effort to insert it around some text. I have 700 and some to change! I just want to paste them in, change the number and move on.

    Also, am I going to have to change anything with the links that go to the anchors?

    Thanks for your help. I really need it.

  12. The code for name and id is the same. After replacing "name" with "id" your links and page jumps should work exactly as before.

  13. But all of my code is gone, I can't just replace it. What is the code to use without any of the text inside of it?

  14. Howdy all,

    Please refer to this thread for updates on this issue.


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