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New and Need HELP Please! Question!

  1. Hi, I am recently new to wordpress merging from blogger with the lates upgrade and compatability issues. I am fed up with blogger but I really like blogger because it is easier for me to add codes and other things. However, I am learning wordpress and do like wordpress to.. BUT... I do not like that all the links I add dangle and take up my side columns. I am a homeschool parent and I have a blog set up designed to help other homeschoolers. On my blogger blog noted at this link - I am able to add codes for a drop down box, to hide all the links and take up less space. I have not been able to find a code for a drop down menu box that holds my links for wordpress. If you look at my wordpress site - I do like the set up but I have too many links to post and they will not hold on this blog with out looking crunched. I do not want that. Can anyone help get ahold of a drop down box that I can add my links in to and organize them more by subjects/titles rather then post them as they are on the wordpress site.

    Please tell me that I can add dropboxes or the word press site really will be useless for me and I will have to figure out another way with blogger compatability. I hope I can just stay here on wordpress as it is less of a headache..

    Thanks for any help in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, you cannot, because dropdowns require javascript: in blogs we're not allowed to use javascript, for security reasons.
    What you can do is create static pages with lists of links, and link to those pages in your sidebar.

  3. What is a static page? Sorry I am not familiar with them!

  4. So rather put my links on the side bars are you saying put them in the pages? I am still learning about this blog site. Sorry, things are little confusing. Thanks!

  5. You could do it either way, but your site is visually busy (IMO) and it would simplify how readers would find information. But keep in mind, that is just my opinion. I like to see things clearly and simply: If I'm looking for a bit of information I don't want to search through long lists of thingsā€¦

    But understanding the differences between pages and posts is key to your understanding about organizing your blog posts and links. Also take a look at how to use categories and tags to organize your site.

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