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New and Nervous...

  1. So I just started this. The only writing I've ever done has been fictional in nature, so I'm a little nervous to venture into the blogging world.

    I'm completely open to criticism and comments, but try not to be too too harsh. Ha ha. Thanks!!

    The blog I need help with is


    I guess I should have left the blog address...

  3. Just read and commented on Kindle v Book post. Nice blog but no time to read other posts but I enjoyed that one very much.
    Happy Blogging and welcome to WP. :)

  4. Loved the theme! Your posts were nicely written! Welcome! :)

  5. Thank you both so much! :) Sorry it took a while to respond, I have company today, so it's a bit hectic.

    I really enjoy reading/writing, and because I know that's the only part of a successful blog, it's good to hear I'm at least on the right track!!

  6. snoozingonthesofa

    One thing that I might do is replace the generic "Just another wordpress blog" tag with something more expressive of what you plan to accomplish with your blog. Make it more your own space.

    Best of luck.

  7. I left a comment on your post abour e-readers v books. Nice blog, enjoyable reading :) Best of luck with it all.

  8. Hey there, had to have a read as 'new and nervous' describes me also! I like how your blog looks (I think I need to change mine) and liked what/how you wrote too. Keep on blogging :) .

  9. @twinx85
    Hi there,
    I have suggestions.
    1. The optional "Just another site" tagline can be replaced with one contain keywords that reflect your own blog content here > Settings > General
    Creating an effective blog tagline

    2. An About Page is a way to introduce yourself and let visitors what to kind of content to expect to read in your blog. You can edit the one supplied and provide a brief bio and blog description to inform visitors what they can expect to find in the content and when it will be published.
    Why About Pages are Essential

    Bestw wishes with yout blog. :)

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