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New at this!

  1. Erhm, how exactly do we find blogs to follow?
    )-: I'm still oh so new to all of this. Please spare me a life.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Presumably, you find topics you're interested in and then you search WordPress for blogs on those topics.

  3. Hi Janeeetdear I am new to wordpress and the blog world too. You question is just one of many of have to ask. Good luck with your blog - I'm going to check yours out! Mine is

  4. Thank you to all :) I will now try to find some lovely blogs to follow!

  5. One way I seek out new blogs is to follow the gravatar trail. When you read an interesting comment on someones blog have a look at that persons blog, then people who have commented on that blog in turn. I have found some of the best blogs that way.
    Good luck searching! :)

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