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    My Blog —

    Hello All,

    I am new at WordPress.

    I have created a new blog with just one post. What I want to do is, create subsequent pages (static) and link them
    using a left navigation bar (like a typical website) in the home page which I have created.

    In this regard, I did some research. I understand that

    1. I need to create “pages” instead of posts.
    2. Create navigation bar items.
    3. Link the items to the pages.

    All fine, but I am not sure on the “How” or “Where” part of it. Which files do I basically need to look for?
    Where should I look for those files to edit, in order to create a left navigation bar in my home page?

    Any help is substantially helpful for me!

    The blog I need help with is



    Use a theme with a tabbed header and the Pages will show up as tabs. Use the Pages widget and put it in a sidebar and you can link to them automatically from there. If you want a left sidebar, you’ll need to choose a theme that has one.

    Themes are not as customizable here as they are elsewhere, but everything you want should be easy provided you find a theme you like. If you don’t like any of the existing themes, you can modify their look if you know CSS well and purchase the paid CSS upgrade.

    Do note that pages as opposed to posts, have virtually no SEO and you will never rank on Google as well with a Page based site as with a blog, which is Post based.



    Thanks for a quick reply. If I find a theme I like, and it has a feature to customize the colors, then can I customize it without the CSS upgrade?

    If Yes, then where to customize it?



    Yes, but there are only one or two which have those options. You can do more using the tips here:



    Thanks for the replies! I’ll get my hands more dirty and then get back, if necessary.


    Here you can see which themes allow some color customization without the CSS upgrade:



    thanks for this link :)

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