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New Author's widget

  1. Seems there is a new widget here at .com for people to play with. An Author's widget.

  2. Hunh! Looks interesting. Good for blogs with multiple authors to make each easy to find, I imagine. Alas, I am here all alone...

  3. I. Am. Dying. To. Know. What. Technorati. Makes. Of. This.

    And no, that is not saliva on my keyboard. It's not.

  4. Saliva is not compatible with Windows 98. Be careful.

  5. I heard that Apple is working on an iPhone you actually LICK to activate. It's some kind of wireless signal and I won't tell you where the other end of the transmission is located...

  6. Oh, you must be thinking of the iBuzz:

    Sometimes, things happen that I just can't make up.

  7. Close. I was thinking the receiving end was in Steve Jobs's pants. Why would he tolerate the middleman?

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