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    Hi. Been blogging for about four months on the site for a private family blog to keep those halfway across the world up to date on my family’s adventures.
    I’ve been relatively happy with the service being that it is free and all. I have been blogging from my iPad 2 for about two weeks now, have the WordPress iPad app and everything seemed to be fine. The blog looked the same as on a “regular” web browser.

    But now yesterday all of the sudden I went to go look at my blog and it has been turned into a sort of scrapbook theme, and it doesn’t display my posts correctly, with pictures in the wrong spots and youtube videos not even showing up. Plus my theme is no longer even visible.

    I have tested it on desktop browsers and everything is fine – it was even fine on my iPad up until Sunday. I am getting re-routed with a /#!/cover tag at the end of the blog url on my iPad. What gives!? Is there any way to bypass this very stupid “mobile feature”?

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you searched the other forum threads pertaining to Onswipe?



    If you cannot find a solution in those threads please contact Staff >



    Yea, this is shit! Why do they do this and not asking if you want to.



    @carryes: You can disable it under Appearance > iPad

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