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new avatar options

  1. The new avatar options override some people's gravatars on the small versions on the main page recent comment lists. (they are fine on the big versions on the actual comments on the post). Mind you the gravatars themselves are extremely unreliable anyway, particularly on the small versions. Would be nice if they worked more reliably. Also if the new options didn't wipe out gravatars people had taken the trouble to load.

  2. I suggest you send all these useful remarks to support when they open. Or did you want us to comment on whether or not we've noticed the same problems? I have not yet, if that was your question.

  3. It's suddenly working perfectly. If someone "up there" did something, thanks. For the first time in months, the gravatars seem to be behaving themselves properly.

  4. how do I get my profile pic back in place?? I took all the trouble to upload it and it is replaced by a default avatar just like that!


  5. I love the new avatars. Only a few of my readers have unique avatars and the new avatar feature adds some much needed color to the page.

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