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    Hi Bloggers

    I came up with the idea for this kind of badge 11th of June, as part of my participation in Writing 101, which was more than brilliant. That day I published my first long post, with +1100 words all together.

    I was so excited and thought that the badge or even a couple of them, for example: +1000 words (long_post) +1500 words (long_read) +2500 words (story_teller) could be a great inspiration to write longer posts and stories than usual.

    What do you think of this idea ? Is this sounds interesting ?

    Here is my first +1000 words post:

    Since reaching my first +1000 post, I became inspired to write my first long story of ‘Mark, The Winemaker’ … it’s about reconnection with a friend of mine, we used to be the best mates in High School and… both of us left the homeland at the same time, roughly 15 years ago, to begin the journey of life…

    And after all those years, my other friend has found him in Monte Carlo, while waiting for the coffee at the bar… their meeting was purely accidental.

    It will take me some time to finish that story, but reaching the first +1000 post was the beginning of new adventure, and as soon as will have it ready, I will publish it as the longread series with #longread tag on it…

    Thanks, Swav

    The blog I need help with is



    no comments so, I’ll do it myself…



    Best wishes.

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