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    Have you seen the “new” blogspot?!
    This “beta” blog its realy cool… and very manage-ble:
    I work whit WP, but this is tempting me!
    Hope than this post could help to improve our dear Wp.



    OMG you must just have woken from a very long and very deep sleep. Otherwise you would know there have been bloggers deserting Blogger Beta left and right for ages now and the exodus is continuing even as I write this. The former Blogger Beta bloggers have been importing their blogs to saying:
    (1) they were not in the least amused by the beta program;
    (2) they were even less amused with the unexplained and unplanned downtime they suffered through;
    (3) they had had it to the eyeballs with the chronic inability to make a connection to their blogs when they wanted to;
    (4) and worst of all they say was the lack of support that they experienced.
    I assumed from reading this post that you really did have some constructive criticism to offer about how exactly this free blogging service could be changed to better suit your needs so I searched but OMG it seems
    (1) I can’t locate any of your forum posts on the subject;
    (2) And you forgot to send the staff feedbacks in which you shared your innovative ideas for improvement of services and features with them.
    But anyway I guess that’s not surprising as you’ve only been here for two weeks, right?



    TT is right; Blogger Beta is a nightmare from the user’s perspective, and whether or not it’s related to that Blogger has been having some long and unexplained outages as well.



    When you consider that wordpress is only a year and 1/2 old I think it’s amazing how smoothly development has taken place and how many features have been introduced. Just check out the archives
    I don’t know for sure but I do sense that most bloggers here on the forum seem happy with the support service they get as well as the technology.
    Wordpress is versatile and those who want more freedom than allows when it comes to making major template alterations and/or going commercial and having advertising simply get a free blog from and get a web host or self host it

    On a personal note I wouldn’t consider returning to Blogger even if they paid me.



    The other thing to remember is that if you go to Blogger Beta, hate it and want to come back, there isn’t currently a method to move your blog back here.

    (I think this is right!) Due to the changes to blogger beta (it being a BETA after all), the system regularly changes and the WP.COM team cannot create a decent import routine while these changes are happening.

    Haddy – by all means try it, but I would double your posts over here for a while. Just until you decide which you want to use anyway.





    “most bloggers here on the forum seem happy with the support service”

    most – I’ll work harder :)



    mark: you can’t have ’em all, you know. ;) but how about making sure my two feedbacks get replied and you’ll convert this somewhat miffed wordpresser to a happy camper back again.



    sulz++ :)

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