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New blog address is disallowed even though it is not in use.

  1. I have been trying to start a new blog with the blog address

    WordPress does not allow me to register that address claiming it is already in use. But when I visit it tells me that the blog is no longer available and that the authors have deleted the blog.

    If the blog has been deleted, why can't I register it for myself?

  2. When we try to delete a blog there are 3 warnings given that doing so is forever. There is an email with a verification link sent to us to complete the final step.
    Once a blog has been deleted the deleted blog address ie. URL cannot be reused or recycled by anyone.

    What you can do is purchase a domain name of your own via a domain mapping upgrade and then what the underlying subdomain URL is will not matter.

  3. Gone is gone forever and WordPress.COM does not allow recycling of blog names.

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