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New Blog. Feedback?

  1. I just started my blog a couple of days ago so there isn't alot there. I just wanted some unbiased feedback/suggestions. I'm not really looking for feedback on the content as much as I am the layout and design, but you're welcome to comment if you'd like. I'm open to criticism so please, feel free.....

  2. "Because there's some shit you just can't keep to yourself" hilarious
    I suggest you not put a notice on the homepage declaring that everything is still new and under construction. Let the reader figure that out for himself.

  3. Yeah, true. But thank you for checking out the page. Did you see any problems with the design or layout? I ask this because I really don't know what I am doing, I sorta winged the whole thing. I know It's new and I will definitely have more posts but as far as everything else, I have run out of ideas.... I guess because I don't know the options.

  4. Don't worry about expecting success right away. If you keep the pace your going at, I see a bright future for your blog. Just keep writing. It's that simple. The results will show up when you've worked hard for it.

    In terms of design, I never liked having the Stats hit widget. You'll get tired of seeing it later on. But it's more of a personal decision than anything. Lastly, don't place the categories into a drop down menu. Just have all the categories front and center.

  5. Oh the live feed? Yeah- I have a few haters that stalked my old blogs, from a particular region of the country........ so I did that more for my own personal benefits, as opposed to design purposes lol..... The categories I just sort of threw up there but yeah, the drop down is a little wack. I'll change that around and see how it looks. I also opted for the one wide wide bar instead of the two columns, I just really don't even know what to put there...... But thanks for the feedback;-P

  6. cavemancooking

    Love your blog, Kristi! I'll have to dedicate some more time to and read all you have posted. I just started a blog, too. If you get hungry after typing all those words, click on my name and check out mine. ;-)

  7. softwhiteunderbelly

    Me likey!

  8. I like it- youre a great writer. And the layout is great- nice and clean, but cluttered at the same time.

  9. I love clutter lol.....thanks for checking it out;-P

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