New blog-first photo blog shows up, last two don't

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    I recently started a second blog in order to showcase my photos in a different manner. Last night when I made my first blog post it appeared on my homepage with no issues. I was using a theme specifically for photoblogging. My last two photos are there but not visible. I can click them and it takes me to the actual post but the photo should also be displayed on the homepage considering the design of the theme. Can anyone help me understand why this is happening?

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a link to the detailed theme description page for Hatch

    Featured Images
    Hatch’s grid-style design relies heavily on featured images, so it looks its best when you assign one to each of your posts. You can do this using the Featured Image meta box when you create or edit a post.

    Featured images will appear both on the blog as a preview and full size in single post view. Please note, on single posts the featured image will be duplicated if also included in the post content.

    If no featured image is assigned, Hatch will attempt to pull the first attached image in your post. If no image is attached, the theme displays a light gray placeholder.

    Hatch –
    Blog/Archive pages: 220 x 150
    Single Posts: 640 wide, flexible height
    Logo: 115 wide, flexible height


    ok, I did this and I see the double image. Is this completely necessary? Why on my first post did it “find” and use the photo I blogged as the preview but the others I get a grey box? Is there something I need to do (other than setting it as a featured photo) to get it to work?



    I searched for you and found the “double image” answer here >

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