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New Blog: How do I Increase Traffic?

  1. Hey, please help, I'm a very new blogger!!

    I want to reach a larger audience. How do I build on in the first place?

    How long until I get a solid base audience?

    Every and any tips will help me immensely!!

    check out my blog , and tell me what you think!!!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please do a search of the forum: you'll find over a thousand tips on this already.

  3. I'll flag this so our Moderator's move the thread to forum for blog promotion called the Showcase Forum and found here>

    If you truly want advice on how to promote your blog effectively search the forum and you will find many tips. Some of those are mine.

    I'm a blogging tips blogger and my top three topics are: becoming a better blogger; building a better blog; and effective blog promotion.

    Click my username to find my blog as signature links are not allowed here on the forums. Then click the link to my Popular Posts Page and you will find what you are looking for.

  4. thanks timethief!

  5. You're welcome and best wishes for learning how to promote your blog effectively. :)

  6. Thread Moved!

  7. Anybody have some stellar tips for me??!!

  8. Just keep writing! Make sure you have a theme to your blog, and consistent posts. Leave some things up for discussion and pose questions. It helps! Also, frequent the forums and other blogs. The more you put yourself out in the WP world, the more your blog will benefit!

  9. thanks a lot! That was my main plan! So I'll just keep to it!

    thank you again!


  10. sarahbaram is right on the button...

    ...make your blog full of QUALITY content that (hopefully) leaves the reader with the idea that their time was well spent reading your blog.

    Be prepared to do research and write useful information. Have a theme to which you write and keep to it, then you will build up a following of people who are like minded and who like reading your posts.
    Don't be hung up on getting big viewing numbers quick time, quality takes time and a quality blog with fewer loyal readers for me is FAR better than a flash in the pan one that wastes your time with stupidities and vague posts.

  11. A helpful tip for consistent posting! I write my posts in advance and schedule them, so I don't usually get behind!

    @kiwidutch You are totally right about view count. I felt the same way, always loving to see high counts. But, then I realized comments were much more worth while. It meant readers were interacting and finding what I was writing discussion worthy!

  12. @shauna
    My blog is full of what you are looking for. I guarantee that if you follow through all the 25 steps in the post I link to below your blog will experience an increase in targeted traffic. Also note that the steps are internally linked to tutorials that explain exactly what to do:

  13. sarahbaram, excellent point about using the schedule. I too also make blog posts in advance and put them into the schedule, sometimes I save them as drafts too.

    That way I can make some posts into a series on a theme and slot them in as I need. Great for when I really intended to sit and write but a kid is sick, when other areas of life overflow, or when we are on the road travelling.

    You are right too, it helps to often go back and go over what you wrote, I usually find something to revise LOL

    Like your blog BTW!

  14. Yea I agree with sarahbaram, have a theme and create quality posts, because, do people really care what you (not specific pointing at anyone) ate yesterday or that you mowed the lawn this morning? Quality, quality, quality, and find a niche.

  15. also remember, a blog isnt the same as Facebook :)

  16. Here are the top 10 techniques new bloggers can use to find readers. These are tips specifically for new bloggers, those people who have next-to-no audience at the moment and want to get the ball rolling.

    * Write at least five high quality original major “pillar” posts of timeless value to readers.
    * Write 5 new per week minimum for at least 4 - 6 weeks.
    * Purchase a domain name.
    * Start commenting on other blogs.
    * Trackback and link to other authoritative blogs in the same niche in your blog posts.
    * Encourage comments on your own blog.
    * Submit your latest pillar article to a blog carnival.
    * Submit your blog to selected blog directories with high PageRanks understanding that joining directories in done to het backlinks as they provide very little traffic.
    * Submit original articles (no duplicate content) to article directories.
    * Become a guest author on blogs in your own niche with high PageRanks.

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  18. One does not add their site to stumbleupon. One becomes a member and uses stumbleupon to discover, review and give either the thumbs up or thums down to sites they visit. It's important to know how stumbleupon is meant to work and to avoid doing the things that will bring the ban hammer down on you: See >

    If you intend to join simply to promote your own blog then you won't last long at stumblepon. Also note that having a post stumbled will create a very high bounce rate followed by a free fall in your stats. See >

  19. While we are on the subject of social networks also note that many bloggers are banned from Digg because they refused to follow the rules there. They use a greasemonkey script and formed a gang that acted as though they were borg and the ban hammer came down on them.

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