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    I am in process of moving my blog from Blogger to WP. My problem is I have groups of links on the old site and a news feed. Some of these are javascripted. I read that WP does not allow javascript for security reasons, and I understand that. So, how can I get the links and newsfeeds to show here? I tried searching the support forums and archinves, but did not find my answer. Any help is appreciated. For reference, the Blogger site is


    The blog I need help with is


    The news feeds can be added using the RSS widget. Just put the feed URL into the widget and configure it as you desire. You can use multiple RSS widgets if you need to.

    The links/blogroll thing you are going to have to do manually by using the links widget. You add links by going to links > add new in your dashboard. There isn’t anyway to use the service you are now using here at wordpress.COM.



    nuts. i may have to rethink this change, then. thanks for the input.

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