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New blog - it's poetry. STOP - why are you running away?

  1. So, I decided that perhaps it might be a good idea if people other than myself could read my poetry. This is a novel idea for me - I'm pathologically protective of it.

    There's a range of stuff - from life-affirming to death and despair; from working in an iron ore mine in the far north-west of Western Australia to a soldier's experience with PTSD (not me - I've got other issues).

    There's stuff about losing my lover to AIDS and my own battles with OCD, Bipolar Disorder and alcohol abuse.

    Reading back what I've just written it seems to say to the prospective reader "Jesus - run away, now,

      and run fast
    ". But I think there's stuff there that some of you might find interesting. And if you are one of those people I would love you to stop by and have a read and tell me what you think.

    If you want a place to start, the poem I'm proudest of is The Veteran

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your work is very powerful - definitely following you!

  3. onlyfragments - thank you so much!

    I've very briefly checked out your blog too and I will be returning! I wish I could learn your compression, but that's never been my strong point.

    Right now it's after midnight here and I must go to bed. But #1072 - just stunning!

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