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New blog-page - how?

  1. Hello,

    could somebody help me?
    Is there any way to create a new page which is like the blog?
    I found how to make a new page, but there is only possible to make one post.
    I wanna make a photoblog also, but on another page.



  2. If you are hosted here on the best solution would be to just head over to the main page and create a new second blog ;)


  3. Trent,

    so start a totally new blog with a new domain, and then put a link?
    Thanks for helping :o)

  4. It makes the most sense I think because a photoblog would suggest several "posts" and pages would be more of a 1 or 2 static pages solution! A new blog that you link to would give you 100% functionality!


  5. Thanks for helping so late at night (in Europe ;o)),
    and have a shiny happy new year also!

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