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new blog-page not displayed as new post

  1. Hi,

    On my blog I publish posts and pages.
    By RSS the post are displayed in Google Reader, but the new pages are not. How come?
    What can I do to make sure subscribers also get notice of my new pages?

    Thanks for any reply, greetings,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are no feeds for pages.
    The only way I can think of is to make a post letting your readers know that you have a new page.

  3. Hi 1tess,

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    I'm a bit stunned by the absence of feeds on pages, but.. that's how it is then. I'll sure consider your suggestion.

    Thanks again,

  4. @oesther, pages are for static content that seldom if ever changes and each page stands alone. For most people their pages seldom, if ever change, so their RSS feed would basically be dead and never change.

  5. @thesacredpath, thank you.. yes, ik know.. I already decided to open a new blog for my posts, I'll transfer my pages to that site.

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