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New Blog Post: Flirting 101

  1. reallydeepstuff

    Hey gang
    My name's Colin, and I'm from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. New to the blogging scene, hoping to make it in the freelance writing world, and looking for some helpful feedback on my blog. So far the writing's come fairly easy....what I struggle with is a bit of an overarching theme, which was suggested by other bloggers as a necessity for the blogosphere. At any rate, any helpful advice, constructive criticism, props if you like it....I'd appreciate any feedback at all.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Interesting blog. What I do when I want advice is just do an online search under "blogging tips" or any variation on that. You can talk to actual professional full-time bloggers who are polite and profesional and who have all kinds of helpful advice. They also orient their advice around your own blog, and they don't try to force a "one size fits all" blogging philosophy on you that may not even be appropriate for your blog.

    I always ask to make sure they are professional full-time bloggers before I listen to them. There are a lot of posers who try to act like they know more than they really do.

  3. Hmm not a pro-blogger. But I am a pro reader. The theme of the page is a little hard on the eye.

    Like the blog over all. What I love the most - 'really deep stuff' posting 'flirting 101'! haha. You had me right there.
    Welcome to WP

  4. plasticdaffodils

    Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of your theme. The white writing on black is hard to read and you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to all the other pages (About, Archives, etc.).

    As far as an overarching theme goes, I think that's something that develops naturally as you find what you like to write about. I wouldn't stress about it too much, but you should think about it. I like the name of your blog though and I think you're off to a good start!

  5. reallydeepstuff

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've wondered about the look as well - fell in love with how stylized it is but debated how practical. Please keep the feedback coming :)

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