new blog post is published but is not showing up on blog home page!

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    hello! i just published a post on nov 30th entitled, “jaisalmer, rajasthan: camels, and havelis, and an 856 year-old fort…oh my!”. it looks like the post is published, and in fact, my e-mail subscribers have gotten the post and have even submitted comments. but for some reason, the post is not showing up on my main blog like it should…if anyone has any suggestions for how to fix this, i would be most appreciative! thank you!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Yes, it’s there…

    If you don’t see it on the front page, you may either have a sticky post that appears first…

    …or you have layout issues.

    (Or maybe it’s something else that I haven’t thought of)


    Your whole blog front is messed up, because of bad HTML in that latest post. (Did you copypaste the content from elsewhere?)

    Go to Settings > Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes, then edit the post and make any insignificant change (for instance add then remove a space), click Update.

    Also, your blog front takes too long to load anyway, because you’ve got too many images, and the images are unnecessarily large files.
    a) You should go to Settings > reading and limit the number of posts per page to only a few, and use the read-more tag to truncate the posts:
    b) For future posts at least, better downsize copies of your images in an image editing application, and upload and insert those copies. There’s no point inserting 2000px or 3000px wide images when the theme you’re using displays them at 490px maximum: you’re simply wasting your storage space and increasing the loading time of your blog.


    thank you soooooo much for the detailed information! i really appreciate it! i think i fixed the problem now! yay!


    You’re welcome. Yes you fixed the problem with the latest post. But you need to fix the other thing as well: except the issues I already mentioned, endless scrolling down isn’t user-friendly.


    haha ok i’ll work on that but can i insert the “more” tag into older, already published posts? i’m trying to do that so that i can truncate/shorten the older posts but nothing is happening (i.e., the post still looks exactly the same). also, would you recommend a particular program to shrink my photos before uploading them to wordpress? thank you for your help!!


    You seriously need to work on that: I have a fast connection but your front page took almost half a minute to load. For visitors with a slow connection, the browser will time out before loading all the photos, and then your visitors will see nice big empty squares instead.

    You can use the more tag in any post. You’ll see the result when you view your main page, or your monthly archive or category pages, not when you view or preview a single post.

    The best image editing application is Photoshop, but it’s complicated and it costs much. If you’re talking about free applications you can download, it depends on whether you have a Mac or a PC. Chances are you’re a PC user, in which case your question will probably be answered by another volunteer (I’m a Mac user).



    Use the online website to resize your photos. It is very simple, and takes only a few seconds. I find most graphics programs to be far too big and clumsy for a simple resize and optimize job like this.


    thank you for the recommendation! i am uploading my photos to google photos and then pasting into my blog…that seems to work in shrinking the photos!



    I use Gimp for photo processing – free – does the same things Photo Shop does –

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