New Blog Post Notifications – HOW???

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    How do I go about “subscribing” a certain email to my new blog posts? In other words, if I wanted (email redacted) to receive an automatic notification each time I posted a new blog entry, how would I arrange for that to happen? Thanks!



    Answer: You can’t with this wp MU technolgy but there’s an alternative.
    Explanation: Quoting lorelle:

    Email notifications of updates are fairly old technology. I would highly recommend you teach your readers about rss feeds instead, as they are much easier to use and brings the content to the reader not just an email that says “go visit the site”.

    For blogs which post frequently, email notifications are annoying. You get an email for every post released. For blogs which post rarely, feeds are still the best way for people to “subscribe” so they don’t miss a thing on your blog.



    What I use is to convert my RSS feed into a daily email for backup purposes. can send daily emails from your RSS feed as well.



    Well that just stinks. I have an ‘avid reader’ who would like to be notified when I post a new entry. She actually likes VISITING my site and leaving comments. Maybe some of us still like subscribing to blogs. Hmmm?


    There’s nothing preventing your new readers from getting email updates if you set this up through feeedburner and engtech gave you another feedblitz alternative too.

    Your snipe about subscribing to blogs makes me lol because I’m prepared to bet BIG MONEY that engtech has more subscribers to his very popular blog than yours is EVER likely to achieve and when he tried to help you, you blew him off … too flipping much.

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