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    Hi all,

    I am just starting a new blog and getting familiar with how it works. I am not very technical oriented so this program is great for me. I have a question about new posts

    I am using Hemmingway for my theme and it has an “About” post on the main page. It says that you can create any number of these pages. I don’t know what that means so I started to write a new “page” (offered along with “post” under “write” on the dashboard. I then hit publish but I have no idea where it went. It registers under “page parent” but it is nowhere that I can see on the blog. Any ideas about this?

    Also, where can I find more information about the blue boxes on the right of the post page. I can only figure out how to use “catagories”.

    Thanks for the help. I am looking forward to participating in this community.




    Does anyone have any input on this? I would like to know how and what “pages are for and how they work.



    Hi ya…

    I don’t know where your new Page went because I’m not familiar with the Hemmingway theme. I can tell you a little about what Pages are.

    “Pages” are static web pages that don’t change (unless you edit/update them) and always stay in the same place. You can use them to tell your visitors About yourself, store a long list of Links, present your personal Manifesto on life or love, Contact info. and so on. Any text/images that you want to remain in the same spot and that you aren’t likely to update often.

    Here’s an introduction to Pages:


    “One of the newer concepts in WordPress is something called a Page. A Page is another tool to add content to a WordPress site and is often used to present “static” information about the site; Pages are typically “timeless” in nature. A good example of a Page is the information contained in “About” or “Contact” Pages. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts, nor should a WordPress Page be confused with the word “page” referring to any web page or HTML document on the Web.”

    Here’s another link to some WordPress Semantics that may be helpful


    >>Also, where can I find more information about
    >>the blue boxes on the right of the post page.
    >>I can only figure out how to use “categories”.

    Take a look at this page:


    If you read down a bit, you’ll come across this bit:

    “The Dashboard is a new feature in WordPress v1.5. It helps to keep you up to date on new and interesting bits of information from the many WordPress resources. In the corner it also features a list of the most recent activity you’ve done on your site.

    Across the top of the Admin screen is the main menu, which says:

    * Dashboard
    * Write
    * Manage
    * Links
    * Presentation
    * Plugins
    * Users
    * Options
    * Logout (name)

    Now, some of those aren’t quite the same as what we have here. “Links” have now been changed to the Web 2.0 hype jargon “Bookmarks” and we don’t have the ability to add “Plug-ins”, but that web-page might give you some useable information.

    The “Import” tab …. hmmm…I believe there are some threads here that talk about that one. Sorry, I haven’t used it. You might find more answers in the FAQ thread stuck to the top of this forum:


    Hope some of that helps. Cheers. =^.^=



    Thanks Catgirl – I guess I have my work cut out figuring this stuff out. I noticed that your blog uses a different theme than what I have seen in the presentation tab. Are there other themes available somewhere?



    I tried again but I have no idea how to get a page to display. The codex information says that my .htaccess file must be writable and talks about template tags to list the pages. I followed a couple links which talked about permalinks and html stuff. I have no idea what this stuff is talking about. Do I need to know this to get the pages to work? Is there some kind of tutorial to help non- techie types with this? I am anicipating other stuff coming up.



    To make a page appear on the blog you need to:

    1. Make sure the pages sidbar is active

    2. Make sure you “Publish” your page not just “Save it”.

    I think you havent done the first one.

    Joseph Cheng



    You’re right Joseph, I haven’t made sure the pages sidebar is active. I looked around and can’t figure out how to do it. How do I activate it?

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